Firefighters Ethics

The weight of responsibilities that fall into the hands of firefighters in responding to call outs is burdensome. They have a reputation to maintain in order to gain the trust of the public. Firefighters hustle without any hesitation when a call out is received. They have to leave all their worries and personal issues when they are on shift. Being a firefighter is a heroic endeavour. We should salute our firefighters for putting their lives at risk saving others.


Never Leave Your Partner Behind

Brotherhood is something that firefighters cherish in this kind of profession. Being at the station with their colleagues creates an unbreakable bond in each of them. Firefighters are there for each other in happy moments such as Amsterdam Heineken experience and they work together in times of crisis. When a call out is received, they work with partners to execute their plan. The partners should stick with each other performing their duties during an emergency. This strategy is in place to help and protect each other in preventing casualties.


Never Compromise Safety and Job Execution

Due to the demanding need of their job, firefighters cannot compromise their job performance by using drugs, alcohol, and other substance that may diminish their ability to save lives. By using these prohibited substances, they are increasing their risk of injuries and worst, death while performing their duty. Commitment to being clean regardless if they are in  Amsterdam zoo, at work, or at home, should be a habit. They go through medical examination several times a year.


Honesty to the Public

Firefighters pledge to report any instances of corruption within the station. Fire stations receive funding from the government and from private individuals who are supporting their organization. Firefighters should never participate in any malicious activity related to corruption. They have to protect their reputation in terms of their preparedness in times of crisis and also their honesty to the public. Fire stations exist for the people; therefore maintaining their reputation in good status is very important.