Flammable Items Inside Your Home

Ignorance is not an excuse. Knowing the flammable items inside your house is very important in preventing fire emergencies. The knowledge of how to avoid fire accidents is not getting the attention it deserves. This is a very important topic. If you are a wise man, you will never take your safety for granted.

Paints Containing Kerosine

If you have piles of paint cans inside your home, make sure that you don’t store them in places where it can get contact to fire. Paraffin paints are highly flammable even when dry. They are so beautiful to look at and make our walls look classy just like the walls you’ll see from the Amsterdam canal tour. But don’t be fooled, they belong to ignition hazardous material category. Never place a burning candle near your wall.


Heating Appliances

Bar radiators and other electrical heating appliances can cause massive fires without the help of any other combustible items. The installation of these appliances should be done by professionals only as there are many things to be considered. Fires caused by electric short circuit is not so rare anymore. And for your safety, always keep combustible materials away from these types of appliances at all times.

Flammable Cosmetics

Ingredients found on some cosmetics and hair products are proven to be flammable. Every time you buy these items for personal care with your I Amsterdam card, check the labels of these items. You’ll notice safety precautions stating that the product should be handled with care because they are flammable.

Woods, Plastics, and Fabric

We cannot really avoid these materials in our home. They make the most of our furniture, kitchenware, and decorations. You can find them everywhere even in cheap night Amsterdam. Just don’t forget they are highly flammable and can be sources of fire. Keep away incense, burning candles, and faulty electrical wires. These items make the escalation fire from small to catastrophic.

House fires can be prevented. With safety precautions and awareness. All the efforts you exert in keeping your home safe are all worth it.