How can I be a volunteer and be of service to your station?

Hv Drenthe accepts volunteers given that they pass rigorous training to test their commitment to service. You can volunteer by attending our free training. Your task will vary depending on the need of the station.

What types of emergencies you attend to?

Due to our support towards helping emergency ambulances, Hv Drenthe are now responding to emergencies that are not fire-related. We attend to domestic fire call outs, medical emergencies, and road accidents.

What will happen if a malicious caller reported a fake incident?

Unfortunately, our station will have to respond to every call. We act without delay. Most of time, the bogus caller gets away with this. However, we do investigation and spend efforts to track the phone number. If we found who the bogus caller is, we will file a report against the person.

How do you get paid after call-outs?

It depends on the emergency. If the emergency was domestic home fire, usually the insurance will cover the bill. For those homeowners who don’t have property insurance, the bill will be charged to the owner of the property.

How come you respond to medical emergencies?

The demand for medical emergencies is on the rise. There are multiple incidents of medical emergencies per day which makes it difficult for paramedics to accommodate all the reports. If there are incidents that they cannot attend to due to high number of calls, they turn over those reports to us.

Are there qualifications to be a firefighter?

Yes. You should be atleast 18 years old and must be in good health. Your education is also being considered during the qualification process.

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Hv Drenthe
Hv Drenthe is a full-time brigade who also gives a hand to ambulance emergencies. We attend to calls they cannot respond the right way. We provide first aid solution to the person in need of hospitalization and attend to him or her while the ambulance is on the way. Hv Drenthe responds to calls real time without any hesitation.