Keeping Fire Extinguishers at Home

Fire can happen anytime. Prevention is better than cure, they say. It is true. Prevention saves you and your family from the trauma of seeing everything you worked for turn to ashes. Fire extinguishers are very useful to prevent fires from becoming catastrophic. Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher and the proper placement of this fire preventive equipment should be done first prior to buying them.


Use Only if the Fire is Containable

Fire extinguishers are designed to prevent small fires from getting bigger. But if the fire quickly escalates to big, uncontainable fire, let the firefighters put them out. Don’t try to be hero cause it’ll never work. It is much better to stay in Amsterdam hotels cheap instead of injuring yourself or worst losing your life. In the case of big fire, every second count. Runaway and use the most convenient way out.


How Many Fire Extinguishers you should have?

Ideally, every level of your house should have one extinguisher. But considering the price of it, you can strategically place it on the most vulnerable area of your house to fire. The best example is the kitchen. If you are an artist like madame tussaud who has combustive art materials, keeping a fire extinguisher at your work area is highly-advised.

Using Fire Extinguisher is not Rocket Science

If you are a keen observer, you’ll notice that in amsterdam city trip there are fire extinguishers in many corners. In the event of a fire, anyone can break the glass and get the fire extinguisher. It means that a lot of people know how to do it. It’s not too difficult. Here are the steps:

1. Simply pull the pin located at the handle to remove the lock.
2. Always point downward or at the bottom of the fire which is usually the source. Your goal is to put out the source of the fire. Aiming mindlessly won’t do anything.
3. Using your grip, slowly squeeze the handle. Remember to give it just the right force.
4. Control your aim by sweeping the handle from side to side